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Florence Is Coming

We have been preparing and stressing for days now. Hurricane Florence is beginning to bare down on the North Carolina and South Carolina Coastline. Winds and rain are marching towards us at a slow steady but deadly pace. Even though I am almost three hours away the fear of the strength, power and size of the storm still has me somewhat flustered.

The fear of flooding, tornadoes and loss of life. This storm is simply too big and I feel somewhat humbled by the helplessness we have against Mother Nature and God. This storm requires the grace and mercy of the Almighty God. I am just praying those that have decided to stay along the coast will actually miraculously survive. Florence is here and clearly there was honestly very little we could do to prepare. Unfortunately we  lack the power as humans to stop the storm.

As I have been preparing my home and family for the storm I have pondered the thought of my handling of my life’s personal storms. I realized that I often struggle between handling storms like Noah and/ or Jonah. Sometimes I decide to be well informed and well prepared like Noah. Other times I feel like running and hiding and ignoring the warnings like Jonah. Do I stand tall and begin building my ark ignoring the snickering, judgement and criticism of others? Or do I tuck my tail between my legs and crawl into the comforts of my bed and ignore the storm warnings? Risking my loved ones peace, protection and leaving them vulnerable without warning?  Either way the storm is still coming.

Thanks be to God for technology and meteorologist men and women. In this day and age we are blessed to receive advanced storm warnings. I chose to take the path of Noah. I shall heed God’s warnings and build a fortress with a storm in mind. This can only be achieved through praying and studying while meditating on the Word of God. Prayers are a mighty fortress indeed. They can build walls up and create bridges across the troubled waters. Prayers shall lead us all to safety. So tonight ” Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in time of need.”  Hebrews 4:16 NIV

I solicit your prayers tonight for all God’s People in the path of this storm as we begin to endure the violence, strength and power of this major hurricane named Florence.

Blessings Upon Blessings


The Upper Room

The Upper Room

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a growing spirit of depression, grief and anger amongst my friends and loved ones. Honestly it’s like nothing I have ever seen before. I know that the sometimes harsh and devastating news reports can weigh a person down. I also know that the political climate in our country right now is not for the faint at heart. Everywhere we turn there just seems to be death, anger, hatred and depression. This is so not the world that God envisioned for any of us. Alas we all know the stories found in the book of Genesis. Most of us have some idea of how sin was born. Unfortunately when Adam and Eve passed the baton of sin mankind grabbed it and took off running. So it is my friends that we live with so much hurt, hatred, frustration, evil, division and depression. Our God is merciful and it truly never was His intent for His Beloved Children.

When I was a child growing up in Chicago Mahalia Jackson was a famous gospel singer. You could drop in to any African American Church on Sunday and probably hear a song by Mahalia.

I was already familiar with her music because my grandmother and her sisters would sing one of those songs whether  riding  in the car, at Christmas dinner, while sitting at my great grandmother’s house while holding vigil over her, while cleaning their houses, cooking dinner or even during a family reunion. One of Mrs. Jackson’s songs was “In The Upper Room.” Lord my great aunt Pansy was blessed with a voice that could sing all of Mahalia Jackson’s song. When she and her sisters would talk about troubles, trial and tribulations often times they would just start singing that song. They always talked about the power of stealing away to God in the upper room. I was young, I just liked those songs. I had no idea what the lyrics to any of the songs meant. Thanks Be to God that now I know the meaning and importance of each and every song.

After watching the movie War Room with some of my friends I began to make a conscious effort to spend more time with God. Over Christmas Break of 2017 I desired a more deliberate quiet space in which I could perhaps spend time with God. I needed my own special closet but none was available to be had. So I kept praying and thinking and one day while watching TV with my spouse a corner of my dining area caught my eye. A few clicks online and a few shipments from Amazon and my prayer space was done. As I began to set up my prayer board, gather my books, invest in post it notes and light my candles I realized I needed music and some songs.

I went all across the music spectrum in search of passionate relatable songs. My first selection of songs included “Holy Holy Holy’ by Donnie McClurkin, Vashawn Mitchell, Chicago Mass Choir, Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams, William McDowell, Crystal Yates featuring Michah Tyler, Joshua Sherman and Charity Gayle, Kirk Franklin, Travis Greene and Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Yet I knew I was missing something. I just could not put my finger on it. Well in a few days I began to feel the movement of God. By the end of the first week  I felt His presence so strong that I would hate to be interrupted and  I never wanted to leave my little room. I was thanking God for things, begging for forgiveness for my thoughts and my mouth, and I was petitioning God on the behalf of friends , loved ones, enemies and people I didn’t even know. All I needed was to hear about a need or read about a need on social media and out a new brightly colored sticky note would come. Within the second week I barely had room for a new one. I was hungry to spend time with God. I realized that even though I had been busy with church stuff and social stuff I truly was not experiencing the full presence of God. I must warn you now my friends………when you begin to truly spend quiet, intimate time with God be prepared for full blown worship. The tears begin to fall the hands begin to go up and the spirit of your Powerful Merciful Loving God begins to move all around. Peace begins to flow like a river. Thankfulness flows from your mouth. Blessings begin to rain down on those you have been lifting up and healing abounds all around town. You find yourself in such a content place that you finally realize that you can do all things through time well spent with a True and Living God.

So a few weeks in I was walking toward my special little room and Mahalia Jackson’s song began to ring in my ears as I crossed my kitchen…………..

In the upper room with Jesus

Singing in tears blessed fears

Daily there my sins confessing

Beggin for his mercy sweet

Trusting his grace and power

Seeking help in loving prayers

It is this how I feel the spirit

And I sat with him and pray

Oh, he’s in in the upper room

With Jesus

Oh, it’s in the upper room

When my lord and your god

When he’s in the upper room

Yes, he’s in the upper room

Well he’s in the upper room

Talking with the Lord

Oh my, Hallelujah, Lord

It was in that very moment that I realized what I had created. I had created that sacred space in which my Elders had song and talked about all those years ago. It had taken me this long to understand the importance of giving my mind and time to God instead of wasting it on the thoughts and ugliness of this world. I had totally retrained my mind to Him as opposed to the enemy. You know who I am talking about……that thing that gives us sad, ugly, hurtful, depressing and troubling thoughts. I had unknowingly made the choice to fix my thoughts on things other than this world for short periods of time.

Needless to say that after I got over the shock of it all…….Mrs. Mahalia Jackson made her way to the top of my playlist and her songs stay in my rotation. I make sure to listen to her often because you don’t find that type of wisdom floating around anymore. So today I encourage all of you that are in dark places to create a space in your hearts and minds to spend sacred time with God. If you have a space within your home or office create a place for God. I am telling you it can be each morning or afternoon right at the steering wheel of your car. Spend more time talking to and thanking God and that enemy I mentioned will depart from you. You my friends and loved ones are simply giving him to much of your time. He came to kill, steal and destroy your peace of mind. Tell him his time is up and that you now from this moment on simply only have time for God! Fix your minds my friends. It’s not about your hearts those are true, gentle and kind. You just need time in the Upper Room with God to heal and strengthen your minds.

Blessings Upon Blessings




Driving Around In My Faith

Today I gave up the ghost of my “Mommy/First Responder Mobile”………It was a 1997 Ford Expedition. This truck never let me down. We drove it from 1998 until a few months ago. I sold hair products all across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in it. I drove around in this truck for years with 2 booster seats and a car seat.

It was my PTO Mom vehicle. It was my husband’s Coach Mobile that carried his equipment and team to and fro across our county. Basketball, T-ball, Coach Pitch, Little League Baseball and Football Seasons were spent in this truck. Children whose parents that would not or could not take them to and from practices and games traveled safely in this truck.  Not to mention the tons of snacks hauled in the back to stock the concessions stands at our local rec league park. Everyone in town knew this truck. If you passed by our local Elementary School chances were that you would see this truck. The world knew I was volunteering or tutoring that day because this truck was parked in the circle out front. Our yearly fun filled vacations to Chicago, St Louis, Florida and Myrtle Beach were taken in this truck.

Yet the truck was so much more than all of that. It was my Mission Mobile as well. I would take my Uncle E, that just so happened to be 6 foot 5 inches tall to and from the VA hospital in it. He suffered from COPD and Emphysema. I could place his huge oxygen tanks in it.  My Uncle E was a Vietnam Veteran that unfortunately had been exposed to Agent Orange and due to witnessing several of his platoon members being blown up by  grenades………he had taken his first cigarette in the bushes of Vietnam to calm his nerves and become addicted to cigarettes resulting in lots of health issues. If my Uncle would stop breathing the local fire department would respond to my grandmother’s home and a call would be made for me. I would jump into this truck without hesitation, the truck would start and often times I would beat the ambulance there. After awhile my family began to call me First Responder and they swore my truck had secret hidden emergency vehicle lights embedded in it’s grill. They swore that I had activated the secret lights and raced through town to often get to him. My grandmother had poor circulation in her legs as she grew older. She would eventually lose both of her legs. I would drive her to and from doctor visits, physical therapy and prosthesis fittings in this truck. We would laugh, eat, sing and pray together out loud all up and down the highways. I would heave her wheelchair into the back of it. How she and I got her into and out of this high vehicle sometimes on a daily basis I have no idea. Wait I do now realize how……. God’s Grace was truly sufficient. I received lots of wisdom and was blessed with lots of gospel singing from my grandmother and her sisters while riding around in that truck.

Today in this moment I look back on how I came to own this truck. I was working in between having babies. I worked in the city and would race home to the country for my husband to get to work on his late shift job. Every single day traffic would back up for me in front of the Cadillac dealership. One day I glanced over to my right and saw a beautiful green Ford Expedition it was in immaculate condition. I would think to myself that is a very nice truck. As the weeks went on I began to see myself and my family in that truck. I began to think of how easy it would be to place my young children comfortably in the truck daily. No yelling about he or she touching me. No one would be kicking us in the back of our seats while driving, I could put all my groceries in the back and my back would no longer be killing me from  bending down securing everyone in their seats. I began to pray for the truck. I did not mention it to my husband at all. I felt the truck was too expensive for our budget and honestly I wasn’t sure how long I would continue working because my oldest child would start school later on in the fall of the year. My husband and I had discussed me coming home fulltime when he started.

Honestly folks I prayed about and for that truck for at least 3 months every single day I traveled home from work. The strange thing was on my way into the city daily I never looked at the truck. One day the traffic simply stayed blocked for what seemed like forever. My mind said” well you are stuck here why not get a closer look at that beautiful truck.” Finally when I could get up to the entrance to the dealership I turned in parked and walked over to the truck. I fell more in love with the truck. That particular day my husband was called into work early. My in-laws had graciously watched the children until I could get there to pick them up.  I mentioned the truck to them. My Mother-in- law suggested my Father- in- law go and look at the truck. We headed back up there and he inspected the truck. The salesperson knew my Father- in- law from church. I had absolutely no idea about that but apparently God did. The dealership really wanted to get rid of the truck because it was a Ford on a Cadillac lot and it had been there going on 3 months. So they agreed to reduce the price.  They told me to take it home and let my husband see it. I was scared to death. I wasn’t driving that truck off the lot, my husband didn’t even know about this truck. I quickly and loudly said nope! (Feeling the oncoming of a wavering of faith).  My Father- in- law calmly stated we would take the truck home and bring it back tomorrow. I was looking at him like he was crazy. Man we can’t afford this truck! (Suddenly I had wavered in my faith).   We left the dealership and drove straight to my husband’s job and called for him to come out. He instantly loved the truck. He asked about the price and asked if I really wanted it . I told him it was simply too expensive for our budget. He told me to take the truck on home and we would discuss it further in the morning. The next morning I told him to take it back and I grabbed his car and headed to work. I didn’t need that truck. (Again I was wavering in my faith).  Needless to say by the time I got stuck in traffic that afternoon my car was on the dealership lot with a for sale sticker slapped on it’s windshield. I almost had a panic attack because I had ordered him to take the truck back. ( Child were is your faith).

As I came out of the curve in my subdivision I saw the huge green truck sitting in my driveway and my husband and children standing in front of it grinning and waving.  I quickly began to fuss that we couldn’t afford the truck. My husband calmly explained that because of our credit and his Dad’s haggling, and great friends at the credit union, that the truck had been financed at a very low rate.  He  gently placed the keys  into my hands and said ” you have never ever asked me for anything for yourself. Why can’t you  just simply allow God and me to bless you with this beautiful truck? You know in your heart that we truly need this truck.”………………………………………………Prayers had been answered just like that.

God had given me the desire of my heart! He had blessed me to do wonderful, fun, compassionate things all while traveling safely in this truck.  Thanks Be to God that we were never ever late with a payment on this truck. God knew He had plans for me to use the truck for good! He saw the needs that would be coming on down the road for my Beloved Family. I had enough FAITH to petition God all those years ago for something my family needed………… not so much wanted but truly needed. In this moment that the tow truck driver pulls away taking it  as a donation to the Kidney Foundation……… I realize that for all these years I had been Driving Around In FAITH. God had made sure I never broke down or was stranded in this truck. Today was the first day the truck had ever taken a ride on the back of a tow truck. Keep the Faith and God Shall Provide All Your Needs and as a bonus…… He will always secure and protect it for us. He already knew it would bless us. He had placed the truck before me daily in traffic. He just patiently waited for me to have the Courage and Faith to ask Him for it. Funny enough I never ever got stuck in traffic again in front of that dealership. Perhaps the traffic jams were simply set up for such a time for me to notice the beautiful green truck. Praying in Faith provides endless possibilities and blessings my friends. When God begins to answer the prayers don’t be like me and then suddenly experience the wavering of your faith!  Pray in faith and Stay in faith! When God answers prayers things began to happen very quickly.  Don’t ask in faith and then get scared when it’s activated. I am sure that probably causes God a tad bit of stress! Are you living in a house received in faith? Driving in a car received in faith? Sitting behind a desk in a job received through faith? Perhaps you are living, walking, hearing, seeing or breathing in this moment because of your faith.

Blessings Upon Blessings

A Christmas Tree To Remember

A Christmas Tree to Remember

As we all get ready to celebrate the New Year perhaps we should pause and celebrate the Old Year. We look so forward to new things and new resolutions with great anticipation of what the New Year will bring.

Well as I began to take down my 2016 Christmas Tree something began to bother me. For a moment I stopped dismantling my tree and took a seat. The strangest and saddest feeling came over me. For the first time in my life I thought about the New Year in a different light. I thought to myself how next year might be different. How arrogant of me to take down this tree ornament by ornament with preparations forming in my mind of how I would unpack everything next year. I was thinking where to store things and how I would do things a little different on the tree next year. I would change this and that and even where I would place the tree next year. Like a ton of bricks reality hit me. Who says I will be here next year? Who says I will be able to see or hear or stand next year. A bold and audacious assumption had been made simply by taking down my Christmas Tree.

Here I was embracing a New Year when I wasn’t yet finished with the old year yet. I had not stopped to thank God for bringing me and my family through 2016. I had not thanked God for better health in 2016. I had not thanked God for allowing me and my family another 12 months of bills paid and full stomachs. I had not even stopped to thank God for safe travel and no accidents in 2016. I had not even thanked God for allowing me to live in a country that had not experienced war in 2016. I had taken for granted lights, heat, air conditioning, water and a comfortable bed to sleep in all of 2016.

How dare me assume that all of those things mentioned would await me and my family again in 2017. Here I was embracing an unknown year 2017 and not truly realizing what might lay ahead for me and my family.. Perhaps 2016 might be safer.  Who knows the situation our country, or community or our economy will be in for 2017. How dare me look forward to a New Year without being truly grateful for what God has blessed me with in 2016.. In a moment my soul had been deeply convicted and I began to stare at the 4 angels that were left waiting a top my Christmas Tree. Waiting to be carefully wrapped and put away until next year with the other tree trimmings. I sincerely began to weep. My heart simply overflowed with gratefulness for a year in which me and my family had actually been blessed beyond anything we could ever imagine. Everyone in this house was still alive, healthy and blessed.

Suddenly I wasn’t in such a hurry to take down the tree and clean up my mess. I thought to myself who knows in 2017 what angels will be selected to stand amongst the Lord’s trees in Heaven. If I happens to be one, I just want to go on record as saying……..Christmas 2016 has truly been a blessing. 2016 was filled with millions of moments of wonderful heartbeats and lots and lots of unhindered deep breaths. Lord God Father In Heaven for the Old Year 2016 I am GRATEFUL. Sadly it took a quiet moment with four little angels and a partially dismantled Christmas Tree to make me REMEMBER!! In 2017 my friends let us all resolve to be more GRATEFUL.

Blessings Upon Blessings

Misunderstood Santa Claus

I was  sitting in the quiet of my living room tonight and I was drawn to the lights of my Christmas Tree. I took a moment to admire the ornaments that adorn my tree. I began to remind myself of the importance of a select few ornaments that stood staring back at me. I glanced down at the boxes of neatly wrapped gifts and I couldn’t help but to reflect back to the kid in me. I thought of the joy that would come on Christmas morning when my family would discover the treasures under the tree. I found myself going back in time and remembering the wonderful scenes of Christmas past such emotional times for me.

I remembered the good ole days of traveling to Evergreen Plaza in Chicago and sitting on the lap of a Black Santa Claus. Dad felt it was important  for his children to see a black Santa Claus. You see on television a white Santa Claus was all we would ever see. Most malls and department stores had Santa Claus but he was always a different complexion than me. I was kid I didn’t care what color he was. I just wanted to take a seat and rattle off my list of toys I expected  on Christmas Day under our tree. Looking back now I figure Daddy felt like “ hey I am spending my hard earned money each year at least let the fake Santa Claus look a lot more like me.” After all my Daddy was brown skinned and jolly he looked a lot like Santa Claus especially around the belly. ( Let’s keep that part between you and me. I wouldn’t want boulders from Heaven being thrown down on me.)

Every single year I read about new controversies concerning the celebration of Christmas , the origin and meaning of the Christmas Trees and of course those that wish to argue over the color of skin of Santa Claus all across our country. Humans seem to want to argue over the most trivial things. Christmas comes just once a year and I personally think that should be an off limits day for controversy and fighting. Why can’t it simply be a day of sharing, caring, eating and napping with strangers, family and friends. Why can’t we just celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and his wonderful gift of Salvation for all who desire to seek and receive it. If you don’t wish to accept such a gift that is perfectly fine with me. To each his own is my way of thinking. Why can’t we just use it as a day of giving. No matter what you wish to call it. No matter what you wish to believe in.  Why not make it a special day to bring the gift of joy, happiness, compassion and unselfishness towards fellow human beings.

As I sat there a large bag with a Santa Claus plastered on front seemed to stare at me. Let me be clear before your minds wander…… I don’t drink! The bag kind of got me to thinking. A scripture came to me “ Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1 KJV) I thought to myself ….What If?img_20161209_183715748-1

What if Santa Claus is merely a concrete illustration of the exercising of Faith? What if he was simply created as an elementary illustration of a bible school lesson for children on Faith? Children are taught to believe in Santa Claus and to wait with great excitement and anticipation for the desires of their hearts. They don’t see him physically on Christmas morning but like clockwork every year gifts appear. Sometimes it’s what we hoped for and at other times it simply isn’t. Doesn’t our Faith kind of work like that. We believe there is a God. We pray and fast believing that He will come through and give us the desires of our hearts. We can not physically put our hands on Him but we know when He has been in that hospital room, in the courtroom, in that operating room, in that wayward child’s room, in that mailroom sending an unexpected check or in the heart of that neighbor, friend or family member moved to bless us with help, food, comfort, prayers or a listening ear.

Perhaps we all have missed the lesson that Santa Claus has attempted to teach. He wasn’t really saying Ho Ho HO!!! Perhaps he has been actually saying ……..HOPE HOPE HOPE!! A misunderstood message for both you and me.

Blessings Upon Blessings


What A Day to Remember!!!

For me this has been one of most difficult weeks of my life. I like many other people desperately wanted the election to be over. My mind and soul were sick of all the hatred and the arguments that had gone on for way too long. I just wanted to wake up to a steady but somewhat peaceful world. Unfortunately that is not exactly what was destined to happen. Around 3:30 Wednesday morning I awoke to alerts going off on my phone. I had forgotten to turn my volume down. My phone was going crazy. As I was about to roll over and blindly silence the phone I noticed the bedroom television was still on. I took a quick glance and suddenly realized what was probably going on with my phone.

I like many other Americans spent Wednesday morning in a fog. I silently sat in my bed and watched my Facebook feed show me all my Christian friends that were celebrating. I watched some friends like, love or comment on certain news status and post. I was simply horrified. I wasn’t horrified  by their party affiliation because I already unbeknownst to some of them knew it. I know these things because party affiliation is public record. I was just shocked at the mere fact that they had voted for a particular candidate. I have always had a diverse group of friends. It has never mattered what political party they were affiliated with. Yet this time for me how they have voted has sadly made a difference. I watched friend after friend after friend in jubilant celebration. Thanks to social media newsfeeds I now knew with whom I had been dealing with.

I found myself on my knees on my bathroom floor at 4:00am in the morning crying and praying. I was pleading with God to make this all a dream. I prayed and asked God to give me the right words for my morning meeting. You see I already knew the type of mean and discriminating world we live in. I now realized that by the results of this election the world as we knew it in a few hours would never be the same. I also knew that even though some of my friends would never go around bullying people and making racially charged statements at least not in public. I knew that some of this particular candidate’s followers would feel liberated and now feel free to do it. Now because the people had spoken “Political Correctness ” was no longer in some people’s minds needed. All gloves were off. All the frustration and anger could now be openly justified and allowed. Hatred and Discrimination Unleashed would suddenly seem appropriate. Obviously some of my friends and associates had not realized there would be new rules of engagement.

Finally, I gathered myself together and I headed for my meeting. Of all the days and all the meetings  that I am a part of. Today would be a Diversity Meeting. As I sat at a stop light at a very busy intersection I glanced over to the car on my left. Two men of a different race were sitting in it. All of a sudden the man in the passenger seat looked over at me started laughing and stuck up his middle finger. I wasn’t shocked and I was not disappointed. I just simply turned away from him and turned up my radio playing gospel music. I simply had no energy yet for the (insert bad word) yet. Yep I thought “this is only the beginning, this was what some of my friends had so excitedly voted for”.

After a very healthy and emotional  meeting I stopped at my local store to pick up a few things. Usually the atmosphere in the store is quite cheerful but not today. I gathered my things and headed for the cash register. As I approached the register there was couple and little boy standing there. The father quickly grabbed his son and moved over. He said to his son “ no worries son now that (Blank) is President  you don’t have to stand beside people like her anymore”. I just thought to myself  “Jesus Christ please just let me make it out of this store”……Well they left the store and I put my items on the counter. All of a sudden I feel someone close up on my back in my personal space. I am thinking to myself this must be someone I know. I turn around and nope it is NOT!  Apparently Elvira’s twin sister had made it into the store. I took a deep breath and took a step forward and paid for my things and left the store. I sat in my car and thought to myself this is going to be a long 4 years. Lord how am I going to manage having to find a Bails Bondman from now own. The feisty part of me was today was still surprisingly sleepy and numb.

I decided to head to my church and get a mission project done because I probably would need to stay inside the confines of my home for the rest of the week. I am just not ready to put an orange jumpsuit on. So I headed to the church. Grabbed a key from the office and headed to the sanctuary to get my mission bags done. I was glad to be in the sanctuary for a few moments no radio playing and no tv on. I was just going to get my work done.  I kept being drawn to our church altar. I remember saying out loud “ nope I am not worthy today to come near the throne.”  I tried to focus on getting things done. I started singing out loud but I couldn’t remember the words to any of my beloved songs. I was simply too mentally and physically and spiritually gone.

A few minutes passed and I was again somewhat beckoned to the throne.

I finally gave in and went over to the front pew and sat down for a moment. I stared up at the cross and waited for God. I know I sat there 10 minutes and simply couldn’t hear a sound. All of a sudden the tears began to fall and sobs from deep within find themselves suddenly on their way out. Years of frustration and anxiety found their way out. After a few minutes  I realized I had no words for God and evidently He had none. After a while something said  “look up”……. when I looked up my face was directly in line with the altar table. “ Remembrance of Me” (This picture posted depicts what I found). I was simply stunned. I dried my tears and took some breaths and stood up. I placed my hand on the church bible and declared out loud “ Ok Big Guy I am going to trust you on this one. I hope and pray You don’t let me down.  I have never been in this dark place before and I don’t think I am wired to take anymore”………….


On the drive home I decided that perhaps just perhaps I may very well not be “Christian” I simply do not share the same views with some of them. Compassion is in my personal opinion the most compelling thing about the story of Jesus Christ. I managed to find that personality trait in all the Biblical Chapters about Him. I believe with all my heart gender equality, racial equality and religious equality are far more important than economy, foreign policy, healthcare and taxes. For me how I have shown love and compassion for fellow man and woman is what I am most concerned with when it’s time for me to face God……. I am Remembering God in ALL things and honestly praying others will do the same. Tomorrow is coming and I am no longer numb so all the racial tension and hatred better soon be long gone because…… in the future it will not be ignored. I am sure in the days ahead I will be spending lots of time on my knees at God’s Throne. I and those I love now find ourselves wishing for a more peaceful time that is now long gone. I am truly heartbroken that some people I know sadly turned their faces from the blatant discrimination and still made their choices.  For some others now I  look back and realize they actually are part of the crowd that secretly and in their private groups  cheered for it.  Today I saw some of my friends and associates in a way I never had seen them before.  Sadly I just can’t seem to accept the excuses for justifying doing something like this.  For the next four years I will daily and desperately be  REMEMBERING HIM!  What A Day!

Blessings Upon Blessings

An Unbelievable Season


It never ceases to amaze me how Mother Nature works. She ever so gently transistions us from one season to the next. Often times we wake up to crisp fall weather when yesterday we would not have dared to consider a sweater. We mow lawns and sometimes it takes several weeks for us to realize it no longer needs mowing. Such is life in the changing of seasons.
We often times experience Spiritual Seasons. God gently nudges us from one season to the next. Often times He accomplishes this without us ever even realizing it. Yet there are sometimes when God has needed to open the door to my new season and literally place his foot in the middle of my back and kick me on through it. I lie to you not. I could see  what lay before me as I stood in the doorway, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk on through it. He had sent all the necessary warnings that enough was enough in a particular situation but I was unable to see it.
 We often experience a  Physical Season. We look into our mirrors and we see the grey hairs of a weathered storm. Our hearts begin to beat a little slower to the beat of life’s drums. We long to rush and jump  up from our seats to grab a ringing phone. Suddenly we realize our take off requires some rocking and swaying to exit the chair upon which our bottoms rest on. The idea of hopping out of bed has suddenly changed into a gentle roll. There is a gospel hymn that says “My hair is turning,  turning silver, and my eyes are growing, growing dimmer, and my footsteps are getting, getting shorter, and I know my time ain’t long”. For us it is a humble acknowledgement of the changing of a Physical Season.
I am truly trying to find the presence of God in our  Political Season. Desperately trying to figure out how we arrived in this  Embarassing Season. I cannot help but feel that for our Country this will be a very Defining Season. Perhaps God has the United States of America standing in a doorway,  anxious for us to leave this  Shocking Divisive Season. May it be a  Season of new found compassion and new found common decency within the moral values of our beloved Country. We must come together for the greater good.  Honestly realizing that we must never live a life again that leaves us looking like this center stage before billions of eyes of those in other countries.
My prayer for us all is a deep breath and a hard look at ourselves personally. Could it be that for each and everyone this is a Spiritual Season? We must search deep within our souls, our homes and our communities to see how we can make a difference in this country. We all are better than this and we can find a common ground. Let us desperatley seek to embrace a New, Brighter,  More Loving and Respectable Season for our Country. We can do it my friends. Prayers for us all are desperately needed  this Political Season. If we come together and put God first perhaps after November 8th our leaves on the Family Tree of the Citizens of the USA will began to come back much greener.
It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle we all choose to sit on. What is more important is that we come to the harsh realization that our aisles happen to be deeply rooted within the confines of the same COUNTRY!!  A Better Season is coming for us all. We just have to transition through the doorway of Civility to IT!! Let US all pray that we can find a way to march into a new  Season of Greatness in our Country!

Blessings Upon Blessings

Life’s Storms



Hurricane Matthew is headed straight for the East Coast of the United States. It has already pounded Haiti and the Bahamas. I can’t help but to feel sadness as well as worry. Sadness for the lives already lost and the lives yet to be lost in this massive storm. My heartaches knowing that beautiful beaches, homes full of joyous memories and businesses built upon lots of sweat and tears may very well be destroyed. Matthew is a very strong and ugly storm. I find myself grateful for technology that God has blessed humankind with. It enables us to prepare and protect ourselves before the storm.

Oh how I wish that God would bless our hearts and souls with the technology of preparing for  Life’s Storms. Often times we float through life unaware of the potential for mighty storms. We often walk directly into the path of life’s storms unprepared. No warnings, no projections and no satellite pictures of our particular storm. Would it not be great to have a doppler radar or an early storm warning alert on our cellphones to notify us of our impending  life storms.

Just imagine if we knew ahead of time that we would become sick. What if we knew ahead of time that in the days or months to come we would suddenly lose a loved one. What if we got an alert that our jobs would be lost or we would have a fire and lose our homes. Would it not be great to be allowed to brace ourselves before those horrible storms. What if we could sandbag our hearts to protect us from the pain. What if we could tie down our souls before the strong winds of disappoint could come. What if we could have extra time to stock up on our faith before being hit by our storms. I don’t know about you but I might perhaps attempt to move my life to higher ground before my storm. Storms of life come at us quick.. Some of them feel like tornadoes others like thunderstorms. I can guarantee you that as sure as you are born at least one hurricane will appear at your front door.

And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep. And they came to Him and woke Him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing!” He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm.” Matthew 8:24-27 NAB

I don’t know about you my friends but all I know to do when I am in one of Life’s Storms is to call for Jesus. He is the only One to calm my storms. Perhaps we can call on Jesus to save our citizens from this ugly storm. While we are at it perhaps now would be a great time to pray for an abundance of faith to handle our own personal storms. We have no radars or live early doppler warnings perhaps a heaping of Wisdom from the Man above could better prepare us for Life’s Storms. I guess I better begin working on stocking up additional faith daily. Perhaps a few of you might join me in preparing for our Storms. By the way did you notice this storm happens to have the name Matthew? That fact alone has me encouraged already.

Blessings Upon Blessings

My Son Is Out Driving Lord Don’t Let Them Kill Him!!


My husband always jokes with mimg_20151016_110335547-1e that He is “Every Mother’s Dream.”  He struts around like a peacock and tells me as a wife I am so very lucky. I quickly roll my eyes and attempt to ignore him as I mutter. He is in fact the ideal guy that a mother desires for her daughter. He is kind and considerate, attentive and very loving. Though I would never admit it he was that” perfect apple” in the eyes of my dearly departed Mother.

I am the Mother of 2 African American sons. I have from the beginning attempted to mold them and shape them into wonderful husbands. Teaching them about compassion, integrity and to be loving. I have taught them to respect every woman. Treat every woman you meet the way you would treat your Mother. I have taught them to manage money. I have insisted they excel in school and achieve a college education. I have taught them how to wash their clothes and how to clean their toilets. I have taught them to cook eggs and boil water. I have taught them to always be neat, brush their teeth and to never let me fall in the toilet. I have constantly showed them what to look for in woman. I have taught them to pray and to thank God often. I have taught them to tolerate and have patience with their younger sister. Explaining that she is the best ” hands on” training of how to deal with the emotions of a woman. I have taught them to always pay attention to those that are sad, different or sitting at a table alone in the cafeteria. I have taught my sons to love and respect everybody. I have been diligent in teaching them to see beyond a person’s skin color. My husband and I have actually managed to get our oldest son through college. Our second son just began his senior year of college.

Yet the most horrifying thing that I have dealt with as a Mother is to show my sons how to conduct themselves while driving. Son don’t wear that hoodie. Son don’t wear that baseball cap. Son make sure you have your wallet. Son take my car when going into the city. Son don’t let multiple friends ride in your car. Son take your braids down before going out. Son take my car because your best friend’s windows are tinted. Son if a police stops you put your hands on the steering wheels. Son if an officer stops you while driving don’t ask them any questions. Take the citation and we will deal with it later. Son when driving around late make sure you take one of the cars with the University stickers. That way when you are driving around town they will know you are a student. Son when you are going into the upscale malls make sure you use your debit card for everything. Just in case they accuse you of stealing. Debit card transactions are easier to prove than cash purchases. Sons don’t get earrings or tattoos I don’t want the world stereotyping.

Sadly every time my sons leave my house I find myself  shouting  “ Son be safe, Son please be careful”. Every time my sons venture outside of my town I find myself sitting on the edge of my bed or kneeling on my bathroom floor pleading with God crying and praying “ Lord please don’t let my sons be killed. Father God you know they are out there driving.”

Their  lives may not matter to the majority of America. But I will tell you this ……… me Their Lives and the Lives of  All  Unarmed Children Matter.

It is a travesty that people continue to justify killing unarmed black men simply for driving in this country. Our fear is real and justified. I guess you would have to have enough Christian Compassion to have the Audacity to see life through the eyes of a Black Mother. I was so busy trying to teach them to grow up to be Great Men like their FATHER!! Focusing on making them “The Apples of The Eye” of other Mothers praying for good men for their “Precious Daughters”. I have been unable to guarantee them safety while driving in America. Thank God that the Officers they have encountered  thus far were raised to be Compassionate and Respectful to Others. My prayers are not only for my children but also for your children  to always be safe while driving unarmed in The United States of America.

Blessings Upon Blessings