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An Unbelievable Season


It never ceases to amaze me how Mother Nature works. She ever so gently transistions us from one season to the next. Often times we wake up to crisp fall weather when yesterday we would not have dared to consider a sweater. We mow lawns and sometimes it takes several weeks for us to realize it no longer needs mowing. Such is life in the changing of seasons.
We often times experience Spiritual Seasons. God gently nudges us from one season to the next. Often times He accomplishes this without us ever even realizing it. Yet there are sometimes when God has needed to open the door to my new season and literally place his foot in the middle of my back and kick me on through it. I lie to you not. I could see  what lay before me as I stood in the doorway, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk on through it. He had sent all the necessary warnings that enough was enough in a particular situation but I was unable to see it.
 We often experience a  Physical Season. We look into our mirrors and we see the grey hairs of a weathered storm. Our hearts begin to beat a little slower to the beat of life’s drums. We long to rush and jump  up from our seats to grab a ringing phone. Suddenly we realize our take off requires some rocking and swaying to exit the chair upon which our bottoms rest on. The idea of hopping out of bed has suddenly changed into a gentle roll. There is a gospel hymn that says “My hair is turning,  turning silver, and my eyes are growing, growing dimmer, and my footsteps are getting, getting shorter, and I know my time ain’t long”. For us it is a humble acknowledgement of the changing of a Physical Season.
I am truly trying to find the presence of God in our  Political Season. Desperately trying to figure out how we arrived in this  Embarassing Season. I cannot help but feel that for our Country this will be a very Defining Season. Perhaps God has the United States of America standing in a doorway,  anxious for us to leave this  Shocking Divisive Season. May it be a  Season of new found compassion and new found common decency within the moral values of our beloved Country. We must come together for the greater good.  Honestly realizing that we must never live a life again that leaves us looking like this center stage before billions of eyes of those in other countries.
My prayer for us all is a deep breath and a hard look at ourselves personally. Could it be that for each and everyone this is a Spiritual Season? We must search deep within our souls, our homes and our communities to see how we can make a difference in this country. We all are better than this and we can find a common ground. Let us desperatley seek to embrace a New, Brighter,  More Loving and Respectable Season for our Country. We can do it my friends. Prayers for us all are desperately needed  this Political Season. If we come together and put God first perhaps after November 8th our leaves on the Family Tree of the Citizens of the USA will began to come back much greener.
It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle we all choose to sit on. What is more important is that we come to the harsh realization that our aisles happen to be deeply rooted within the confines of the same COUNTRY!!  A Better Season is coming for us all. We just have to transition through the doorway of Civility to IT!! Let US all pray that we can find a way to march into a new  Season of Greatness in our Country!

Blessings Upon Blessings

Life’s Storms



Hurricane Matthew is headed straight for the East Coast of the United States. It has already pounded Haiti and the Bahamas. I can’t help but to feel sadness as well as worry. Sadness for the lives already lost and the lives yet to be lost in this massive storm. My heartaches knowing that beautiful beaches, homes full of joyous memories and businesses built upon lots of sweat and tears may very well be destroyed. Matthew is a very strong and ugly storm. I find myself grateful for technology that God has blessed humankind with. It enables us to prepare and protect ourselves before the storm.

Oh how I wish that God would bless our hearts and souls with the technology of preparing for  Life’s Storms. Often times we float through life unaware of the potential for mighty storms. We often walk directly into the path of life’s storms unprepared. No warnings, no projections and no satellite pictures of our particular storm. Would it not be great to have a doppler radar or an early storm warning alert on our cellphones to notify us of our impending  life storms.

Just imagine if we knew ahead of time that we would become sick. What if we knew ahead of time that in the days or months to come we would suddenly lose a loved one. What if we got an alert that our jobs would be lost or we would have a fire and lose our homes. Would it not be great to be allowed to brace ourselves before those horrible storms. What if we could sandbag our hearts to protect us from the pain. What if we could tie down our souls before the strong winds of disappoint could come. What if we could have extra time to stock up on our faith before being hit by our storms. I don’t know about you but I might perhaps attempt to move my life to higher ground before my storm. Storms of life come at us quick.. Some of them feel like tornadoes others like thunderstorms. I can guarantee you that as sure as you are born at least one hurricane will appear at your front door.

And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep. And they came to Him and woke Him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing!” He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm.” Matthew 8:24-27 NAB

I don’t know about you my friends but all I know to do when I am in one of Life’s Storms is to call for Jesus. He is the only One to calm my storms. Perhaps we can call on Jesus to save our citizens from this ugly storm. While we are at it perhaps now would be a great time to pray for an abundance of faith to handle our own personal storms. We have no radars or live early doppler warnings perhaps a heaping of Wisdom from the Man above could better prepare us for Life’s Storms. I guess I better begin working on stocking up additional faith daily. Perhaps a few of you might join me in preparing for our Storms. By the way did you notice this storm happens to have the name Matthew? That fact alone has me encouraged already.

Blessings Upon Blessings

There’s Beauty In Diversity


Last week My Pastor preached a sermon about “Seeing People”. Often times we know people but we honestly do not see each other. We are friends on Social Media. We often times like or love each other’s status but we don’t really see each other. We share what’s going on with our children. Some go as far as to share what they are eating for dinner daily. Some put their entire love lives on display the good ….. the bad…..the ugly for all the world to see.

Lately there has been so much hatred spewed in the media. Sometimes I have wondered if we have somehow become a third world country. Somehow we as a society have slipped into reverse. We have allowed division, hatred, greed and politics to destroy our sense of civility towards one another.

I think we all would agree that we are living in sometimes dangerous and difficult times. With such a high percentage of Christians around it’s hard to figure out how this has happened.

The Bible clearly states that we are too “Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself”. ( Matthews 22:39)

Do we honestly know our neighbors anymore? Growing up we knew our neighbors and they knew us. As children if we did something wrong our neighbors would quickly tell our parents. Our parents watched out for their children as well.  People knew who lived in the neighborhood and whom did not. We looked out for each other’s properties and we helped each other when we could. We knew when death came upon one another’s door.

Yet today we allow society to mistreat our neighbors. We allow society to discriminate against our neighbors based on race, religion and gender. As long as it doesn’t present itself on our doorsteps then it doesn’t concern you or me. I challenge us all to take a look at our Social Media accounts. If your friends list does not show diversity then I suggest you send  out some friend request. Get to know one another and learn from each other. Take the time to learn about different cultures, religions and people.

The most powerful ammunition against racism, discrimination and bigotry is exposure and dialogue. I challenge you to get to know people not like you or me. Get to know your neighbors. Learn to illustrate compassion for your neighbors. Try to open your hearts and minds to diversity and inclusion. Our world could be a better place because of you and me. If our neighbors were not important I do not think Jesus would have mentioned them to you and me. Our neighborhoods would be very different if we would take the time to look around and see. See your neighbors and pray for compassion for our neighbors.  It could possibly lead to a  bright pathway of a better world for you and me.

I finally realized just the other day  while driving down a country road why God created a Diverse World.  I was drawn to a field of wildflowers full of all these vibrant colors. There were purple, yellow, burgundy, pink and red flowers just naturally spread across the huge field. I thought how beautiful a sight I was passing. But then I passed a grove of trees and realized each and every tree that lined the road was different from it’s neighboring tree. No two trees were alike. That truly amazed me. It was then that I realized Diversity of Nature constantly surrounds me and I had passed the same field and the same trees for over 25 years. Today was the day when my eyes were finally opened and I could see the beauty of God’s magnificent Diversity. God created people of different nationalities and races because inside each and everyone of us God sees beauty. I am led to believe that the view from Heaven’s Windows only sees the beauty of the fields of all races of people spread  across the earth. I guess we all are not spiritually high enough yet to see the beauty of all races that surround you and me. I urge you to stop and find the beauty of all the people in your neighborhood. Embrace the Diversity of God’s Children that live within our communities.

Blessings Upon Blessings

My Son Is Out Driving Lord Don’t Let Them Kill Him!!


My husband always jokes with mimg_20151016_110335547-1e that He is “Every Mother’s Dream.”  He struts around like a peacock and tells me as a wife I am so very lucky. I quickly roll my eyes and attempt to ignore him as I mutter. He is in fact the ideal guy that a mother desires for her daughter. He is kind and considerate, attentive and very loving. Though I would never admit it he was that” perfect apple” in the eyes of my dearly departed Mother.

I am the Mother of 2 African American sons. I have from the beginning attempted to mold them and shape them into wonderful husbands. Teaching them about compassion, integrity and to be loving. I have taught them to respect every woman. Treat every woman you meet the way you would treat your Mother. I have taught them to manage money. I have insisted they excel in school and achieve a college education. I have taught them how to wash their clothes and how to clean their toilets. I have taught them to cook eggs and boil water. I have taught them to always be neat, brush their teeth and to never let me fall in the toilet. I have constantly showed them what to look for in woman. I have taught them to pray and to thank God often. I have taught them to tolerate and have patience with their younger sister. Explaining that she is the best ” hands on” training of how to deal with the emotions of a woman. I have taught them to always pay attention to those that are sad, different or sitting at a table alone in the cafeteria. I have taught my sons to love and respect everybody. I have been diligent in teaching them to see beyond a person’s skin color. My husband and I have actually managed to get our oldest son through college. Our second son just began his senior year of college.

Yet the most horrifying thing that I have dealt with as a Mother is to show my sons how to conduct themselves while driving. Son don’t wear that hoodie. Son don’t wear that baseball cap. Son make sure you have your wallet. Son take my car when going into the city. Son don’t let multiple friends ride in your car. Son take your braids down before going out. Son take my car because your best friend’s windows are tinted. Son if a police stops you put your hands on the steering wheels. Son if an officer stops you while driving don’t ask them any questions. Take the citation and we will deal with it later. Son when driving around late make sure you take one of the cars with the University stickers. That way when you are driving around town they will know you are a student. Son when you are going into the upscale malls make sure you use your debit card for everything. Just in case they accuse you of stealing. Debit card transactions are easier to prove than cash purchases. Sons don’t get earrings or tattoos I don’t want the world stereotyping.

Sadly every time my sons leave my house I find myself  shouting  “ Son be safe, Son please be careful”. Every time my sons venture outside of my town I find myself sitting on the edge of my bed or kneeling on my bathroom floor pleading with God crying and praying “ Lord please don’t let my sons be killed. Father God you know they are out there driving.”

Their  lives may not matter to the majority of America. But I will tell you this ……… me Their Lives and the Lives of  All  Unarmed Children Matter.

It is a travesty that people continue to justify killing unarmed black men simply for driving in this country. Our fear is real and justified. I guess you would have to have enough Christian Compassion to have the Audacity to see life through the eyes of a Black Mother. I was so busy trying to teach them to grow up to be Great Men like their FATHER!! Focusing on making them “The Apples of The Eye” of other Mothers praying for good men for their “Precious Daughters”. I have been unable to guarantee them safety while driving in America. Thank God that the Officers they have encountered  thus far were raised to be Compassionate and Respectful to Others. My prayers are not only for my children but also for your children  to always be safe while driving unarmed in The United States of America.

Blessings Upon Blessings


Repairing A Broken World…..Why Not? It’s Free!


Just watching the news or reading the paper can be so depressing these days. People are mean and they take what they want. If lying and stealing affords you success and prestige then people do it as easily as they breath. By any means necessary seems to be the going thing.

The greatest gift that we have ever received was the birth of Jesus Christ. He came with the Good News that Salvation is Free. Yet we received two more very powerful gifts that the World truly needs.

The gifts of Compassion to Pray For one another. The second being Kindness that can be distributed without a cost to fellow human beings. Yet we as a people simply just cannot seem to bring ourselves to share these things.

A better world begins with You and Me. Perhaps today we can change things by giving away the Divine Gifts God allowed us to receive for free. A kind smile, a hug, a pat on the back or a simple prayer can make a world of difference for our friends and family. Let’s make the world a better place by beginning with you and me. It will not cost us a THING!!

The World as we know it does not have to continue to be this ugly. Let us bring ourselves up out of this mess and begin REBUILDING. We can make a difference. Why not? We are blessed with the necessary gifts.  Heck It Is FREE!

Blessings My Friends Blessings

Soaring On To My Destiny

I am tfb_img_1473115437313he true navigator of my own destiny. As hard as it is to admit at times….I am the conductor , pilot, captain and driver. It’s a concept that seems so simple yet it so complex. It takes years of life experiences to embrace this actual simple yet powerful fact.

Somehow we often are quick to claim we control our own destiny. But actually it can be such a superficial arrogant narcissistic  way of thinking. In order to be the creator of my destiny I would have had to be present at my conception and creation. I would have had to have been in attendance at the drawing board of my own existence. We all know that could never possibly happen.

Instead it’s a humbling realization that I must fully acknowledge the One who thought enough to create little ole me. I must return to my roots way before my mom and dad. I have to return to my Heavenly Father the One and  Only Almighty God. Oh you all just don’t understand how much I love and depend on God. So many journeys through storms and rains . Sleepless nights and lots of crying. Perhaps it’s never happened to you but many days and nights i have found myself on the bathroom floor in a fetal position crying out for my Lord.

It’s a sobering fact that so many of my dark times and heartbreaks could have actually been avoided if I had only checked with the Creator of little ole  Me!!! How arrogant  of me to make moves and important decisions without consulting my ultimate creator my God!!

God himself equipped us with our own personal road map. Something more powerful and more dependable than a man created satellite gps. You see it only takes a war, a hacker or strong major storm to disable a satellite. The reason being its man created.

Our personal roadmap is none other than the Holy Spirit. It’s a very powerful failure-free life living necessity and tool. When you use the Holy Spirit you can not and will not be manipulated or fooled. Its a divine creation that is 100% error proof. The complicated part is learning how to set it up and how to turn it on for use.

The Bible is the Holy Spirit’s living breathing earth bound tool. It’s something that even a mere fool has access too. It took me several years to get a clue. Now I am here hoping and praying that I can assist you in using it too.


Finally On The Road To My Purpose

cropped-cropped-cropped-FB_IMG_1473114762787.jpgI know for many years to come people will ask the question where did this all begin. I am not quite sure what my answer will be. As my late Grandma always said “ the truth will set you free and keep your rump from burning through all eternity. .

I have been searching for a long time for the answer to one of life’s toughest questions. What do I want to be when I grow up? I am 46 years old and I still have no clue. Lord what  am I destined to do?  I have spent countless early mornings and late nights pondering what shall I do? 

I have been struggling for a long time with sickness, grief, frustration and probably some anger. Just desperately seeking to find my perfect peace. For some it may appear that I already have it. A loving supportive husband, wonderful smart and loving kids and a group of amazing friends. Oh yes, lest I forget a small group of hilarious family members.

I have been out of work sick for almost a year. The  typical middle age female health problems is where it all began. Over the course of past few months it’s been health scare after health scare over and over again. Every time I get ready to go back to work I get sick all over again.  My husband and my late Mother had been telling me for years that a 9 to 5 is not for you.

I have finally decided to embrace my purpose and start sharing my life experiences with strangers and friends.  Listening too and encouraging others brings me my greatest joy. When sharing my life journeys and my thoughts about God I discover a wonderful peace deep within. So while laying in my bed early one morning a voice came to me. “Why Eve Why? Is where I want you to begin.”

I quickly grabbed my computer and searched for the domain. It popped up available before I finished typing . Over the course of the last few weeks the enemy has tried to distract me. All praises to God he has been unable to stop me.  So today is the day that this new journey begins. I hope that in some way my blogs will bless and help you along your journey too. I am sure I can learn some very important and powerful things from all of you.

Blessings to All of You