About Me

I am a Believer in God and His Son Jesus Christ. I honestly believe I learn something new about Them both each day. I am married to a Wonderful Man of 25 years and he helps God to keep me sane. We have 3 wonderful kids . Our oldest son is 22yrs old and he just graduated from college. Our second son is 20yrs old and he is a college senior. Our daughter is 19yrs old and she is a sophomore in college. Honestly she is the one that keeps me on my knees with God the most.   Shhh that will be our little secret. She was sent to earth to pay me back!  Her purpose is to pay me back for my Dearly Departed Mother. I love chocolate and I love Pepsi and when life gets stressful they are always there for me. I  am one of God’s few children that probably gets put into Spiritual Timeout the Most. He is constantly opening the Windows of Heaven and pointing to me and saying ” Child please to the corner you must go”.  I know better but sometimes I fail to do better and so I spend lots of sessions with The Almighty God. I started this blog in the hopes of being an encourager. I want you to know that God has a sense of humor and a genuine Love for Us All. It’s ok to make mistakes, to laugh and have fun. God knows how we are wired and He knows what He has done. He knows we need help down here so He sent us HIs Son.  I pray that by sharing my thoughts, my ups and my downs, my lessons and my truths . Perhaps I can be of encouragement to  you and you can be an inspiration to me too.

Did You Really Have To Touch That Tree?