Help Wanted Seeking Legions Of Rams In The Bush

Help Wanted Seeking Legions Of Rams In The Bush

This has been a troubling week for the soul of a woman like me. So I beg of you to allow me attempt to paint a picture for you all from a different point of view. I hope you don’t mind if I recall a few scriptures as I share this story with you.

Unless you have been under a rock the last few days, you know by now that our country is in a huge immigration debate. Some folks have decided to pick a side. Some are crying GOP while others are screaming Liberals for me! I am one of those caught in the middle. I am just sickened to my stomach grieving deep in my soul for the young children I continue to see crying on my tv.

A few nights ago when this story broke I sat on my couch literally frozen. As a mother and as a woman I honestly began to truly grieve. I could not help but think what if  my kids had been taken from me upon desperately entering a foreign country. Not a vacation for which I had paid lots of money. But upon entering a place that I had prayed out to God along the journey to find safety and a better life for my children and me.

I sat imagining if my kids and I had been traveling for months by foot with barely any money or food to eat. Fleeing from a corrupt government that wished to kill me and my husband. Evil people prepared to murder or enslave my sons. Monsters eager to rape my young daughter or send her into prostitution.

We had crawled, begged, stolen along our path to a promise of freedom. We didn’t have the luxury of a cell phone, GPS or access to internet when we started out on this journey. Yet we knew we must head north if there was any hope of escaping this life of cruelty and bondage! We had left a Legion of Herods behind us and unbeknownst to us a Legion of Pharaohs were eagerly awaiting us up north at the border.

We have absolutely no idea we are about to be separated from our children. We had considered being turned around or perhaps detained for a short period of time, but never in our wildest dreams separated from our beloved children. Had I known what lay before us here I would have rather died in the hills of suicide side by side with my children. At least I would have known what had happened to them.

Alas, I sit here in a cage with other women and I have no idea the whereabouts of either my husband or my children. All I have in this moment of time are the prayers choked down in my heart by my tears and sobbing. In this moment the darkest hours of my life, I cry out to the Lord for a ram in the bush like He had given to His beloved Abraham in the book of Genesis 22:9-13. An unexpected blessing in a bush to save my children.

I lay praying on a cold floor. Praying to God to send an angel to protect and save my children. Might God be so kind to grant me grace and mercy one more time. Might He send forth an angel to hear my children’s cries? Someone to rise up and save them. Might God send some women from Pharaoh’s country like He did for Moses when He sent Shiphrah & Puah to do His will not Pharaoh’s bidding.  Just like He did in Exodus 1:15-21. Might God be merciful to send us a few of Pharaoh’s daughters that might hear the cries of our children and feel sorry for them just like in Exodus 2:5-6?

Ladies of these United States might we find the courage to rise up and fight for the protection and rights of a stranger’s children? Might we do what is humane and morally right in this moment. Can we stand up to the heartless folks in our country? Can we unite as a Legions of Rams in the bushes? Perhaps the Lord might see and feel our compassion. When our vapors of life have come to an end……… He will swing open wide the Mighty Gates of Heaven saying “ come home my Daughters of Pharaoh.  I am grateful for what I witnessed you all doing for My children. Come on across My border you all are welcome here.”

Blessings Upon Blessings