An Unbelievable Season


It never ceases to amaze me how Mother Nature works. She ever so gently transistions us from one season to the next. Often times we wake up to crisp fall weather when yesterday we would not have dared to consider a sweater. We mow lawns and sometimes it takes several weeks for us to realize it no longer needs mowing. Such is life in the changing of seasons.
We often times experience Spiritual Seasons. God gently nudges us from one season to the next. Often times He accomplishes this without us ever even realizing it. Yet there are sometimes when God has needed to open the door to my new season and literally place his foot in the middle of my back and kick me on through it. I lie to you not. I could see  what lay before me as I stood in the doorway, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk on through it. He had sent all the necessary warnings that enough was enough in a particular situation but I was unable to see it.
 We often experience a  Physical Season. We look into our mirrors and we see the grey hairs of a weathered storm. Our hearts begin to beat a little slower to the beat of life’s drums. We long to rush and jump  up from our seats to grab a ringing phone. Suddenly we realize our take off requires some rocking and swaying to exit the chair upon which our bottoms rest on. The idea of hopping out of bed has suddenly changed into a gentle roll. There is a gospel hymn that says “My hair is turning,  turning silver, and my eyes are growing, growing dimmer, and my footsteps are getting, getting shorter, and I know my time ain’t long”. For us it is a humble acknowledgement of the changing of a Physical Season.
I am truly trying to find the presence of God in our  Political Season. Desperately trying to figure out how we arrived in this  Embarassing Season. I cannot help but feel that for our Country this will be a very Defining Season. Perhaps God has the United States of America standing in a doorway,  anxious for us to leave this  Shocking Divisive Season. May it be a  Season of new found compassion and new found common decency within the moral values of our beloved Country. We must come together for the greater good.  Honestly realizing that we must never live a life again that leaves us looking like this center stage before billions of eyes of those in other countries.
My prayer for us all is a deep breath and a hard look at ourselves personally. Could it be that for each and everyone this is a Spiritual Season? We must search deep within our souls, our homes and our communities to see how we can make a difference in this country. We all are better than this and we can find a common ground. Let us desperatley seek to embrace a New, Brighter,  More Loving and Respectable Season for our Country. We can do it my friends. Prayers for us all are desperately needed  this Political Season. If we come together and put God first perhaps after November 8th our leaves on the Family Tree of the Citizens of the USA will began to come back much greener.
It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle we all choose to sit on. What is more important is that we come to the harsh realization that our aisles happen to be deeply rooted within the confines of the same COUNTRY!!  A Better Season is coming for us all. We just have to transition through the doorway of Civility to IT!! Let US all pray that we can find a way to march into a new  Season of Greatness in our Country!

Blessings Upon Blessings