Soaring On To My Destiny

I am tfb_img_1473115437313he true navigator of my own destiny. As hard as it is to admit at times….I am the conductor , pilot, captain and driver. It’s a concept that seems so simple yet it so complex. It takes years of life experiences to embrace this actual simple yet powerful fact.

Somehow we often are quick to claim we control our own destiny. But actually it can be such a superficial arrogant narcissistic  way of thinking. In order to be the creator of my destiny I would have had to be present at my conception and creation. I would have had to have been in attendance at the drawing board of my own existence. We all know that could never possibly happen.

Instead it’s a humbling realization that I must fully acknowledge the One who thought enough to create little ole me. I must return to my roots way before my mom and dad. I have to return to my Heavenly Father the One and  Only Almighty God. Oh you all just don’t understand how much I love and depend on God. So many journeys through storms and rains . Sleepless nights and lots of crying. Perhaps it’s never happened to you but many days and nights i have found myself on the bathroom floor in a fetal position crying out for my Lord.

It’s a sobering fact that so many of my dark times and heartbreaks could have actually been avoided if I had only checked with the Creator of little ole  Me!!! How arrogant  of me to make moves and important decisions without consulting my ultimate creator my God!!

God himself equipped us with our own personal road map. Something more powerful and more dependable than a man created satellite gps. You see it only takes a war, a hacker or strong major storm to disable a satellite. The reason being its man created.

Our personal roadmap is none other than the Holy Spirit. It’s a very powerful failure-free life living necessity and tool. When you use the Holy Spirit you can not and will not be manipulated or fooled. Its a divine creation that is 100% error proof. The complicated part is learning how to set it up and how to turn it on for use.

The Bible is the Holy Spirit’s living breathing earth bound tool. It’s something that even a mere fool has access too. It took me several years to get a clue. Now I am here hoping and praying that I can assist you in using it too.


5 thoughts on “Soaring On To My Destiny”

  1. When we come to understand that we’re made to need God life is so much sweeter. I agree with you 100% his road map (Bible) will lead us right every time. Thanks for the assistance and inspiration! Love, Rhonda Marshall

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world. As always, I enjoy reading your mind. I am proud of you for following your dreams. May you words reach the masses.

  3. Love your testimony, Connie. I can identify with every thing you have said. To God be the glory.

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